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River Tay Freshwater

Protection Order


The TLC Meeting will be on 27th February 2024 in Tay House, Dunkeld at 7pm prompt. Members Only.


​River Tay Protection Order Summary


The River Tay Protection Order was granted on the 10th. of September 1986 and came into force on the 7th. of  October 1986. The Tay Liaison Committee was elected from Members of the Protection Order to deal with the administration and reporting procedures required by The Scottish Office Minister for Agriculture, the Environment and Fisheries. The Committee came into being on the 31st of October 1986.

On the 24th. of April 1998 the Minister published his intention to revoke Protection Orders. The Tay Liaison Committee was reconstituted on the 26th. of May 1998. A revision of access agreements with Riparian Owners was undertaken. Administrative proposals were agreed to maintain and develop the management of the River Tay Protection Order. The Committee prepared a full report with the services of a Consultant. Representatives of Member Organisations signed the report which was sent to The Scottish Office Minister in November 1998. The report was accepted, and the revocation notice was rescinded the same month.

The 1998 Report has been supported by successive Government Administrations and deemed to be legal and binding with regard to Administration and Management. All amendments to the 1976 Act have been incorporated into the River Tay Protection Order procedures.

Visitors and Club Members to check on the Web Pages for both Angling Clubs and Riparian Owners for details of Legal Access and Exclusion Zones for the 2023 Season.

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