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Revised Policy Statement of the River Tay Protection Order and The Tay Liaison Committee.

September 2022

  1. To ensure that The River Tay Protection Order managed under the Tay Liaison Committee, is committed to ensuring an Equitable, Responsible and Sustainable access to all safe Angling resources within the catchment of The River Tay Protection Order.

  2. All decisions taken at the AGM, or quorate Committee Meetings, shall be in the interests of maintaining the overall framework of managing The River Tay Protection Order, and shall be binding on all Riparian Owners, their Factors, Agents and any Angling Clubs and Associations, and all being responsible for administrating fishing access.

  3. The continued access to fishing beats for Freshwater Species shall be established on a regular revision of agreements. In addition, where this is possible and desirable, extensions to any access shall be investigated and reported on.

  4. Care must be taken in ensuring the Privacy of Private Dwellings and such River and Loch frontages as are deemed as part of Private Land or as places of Business.

  5. The General Data Protection Regulations shall be complied with.

  6. There shall be a procedure for local investigation of any complaints, on whatever subject, to be concluded amicably. If discussions do not resolve any dispute, within the period of 14 days, then the complaint shall be forwarded to the TLC via the secure Email Address which shall be printed on permits and on the Web Site.

  7. A Monitoring system shall enable a series of visits to Riparian Beats to take place as an exercise in communication to establish the River Tay Protection Order is being sustained within the terms of the ACT(s) and the TLC.

  8. Conservation of Freshwater Angling Species, Maintenance of safe Access Routes and care of Habitat to be funded annually from a proportion of revenue realised from local permit sales and supported via Grants from TLC Funds. Details shall be published in the Annual Report.


The Tay Liaison Committee

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