Auchmore Boathouse


The Auchmore Boathouse is within a SSSI area of protected marsh land. The section up stream is not accessible from the land but can be easily fished by boat. There are shallows and some deeper areas but in general the bottom has deep mud with strong reed and water lily growth. Down stream there is access but great care must be taken when negotiating the deep drainage ditches. There are under water snags such as sunk trees most of which are close in shore, but care must be taken after high water as additional hazards may become lodged on the bottom. Anglers are requested not to land and fish from the Islands as these are restricted areas during the nesting season and also there is a resident Roe Deer population. The area within the fence surrounding the Boathouse is private as are the mooring facilities and landing is not permitted. Access is via the Kinnell Estate Road and care must be taken as the road is not suitable for normal vehicles being badly rutted. Brown Trout are prolific during the early season but tend to retreat to the loch at the end of April. Pike, Roach and Perch are resident in this area for most of the year and during the winter months there can be good Pike fishing. Permits from News First and Local Hotels.